Mood lvls

During your game and while caring for your FatBoy, you will experience decreases in energy, hunger, hygiene, and fun.

This decrease will depend on various factors, such as the type of food you eat or whether you exercise or not.

We will continuously calculate your profit based on the average of all your FatBoy's features.

Based on this average, your FatBoy will experience different moods.

Therefore, the higher the average value, the better mood your FatBoy will have, and the greater the profit you will earn. It all depends on you.

This table shows the mood level and the range of profit reduction based on the average of hunger, energy, etc.

Lvl of moodAverage of hunger, hygiene, fun and energy

Happy (-2:-11%)


Neutral (-12:-25%)


Sad (-26:-55%)


Depressed (-56:-99%)


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