Repairing & Renting


If your FatBoy is in Depressed mode for a period of 3.5 days, it will die and you will need to reincarnate it

For this reincarnation, you will pay the usual daily profit of your FatBoy in $FAT.

For example, if you earn 2,200 $FAT daily from your 3-level FatBoy, you will need to pay 2,200 $FAT for the reincarnation.

Renting (Coming soon)

Not currently implemented.

If you do not have enough money to buy the FatBoy you love, you can simply rent it from another player

Your responsibility will be to care for the FatBoy, and in return, you will receive 30% of its daily profit.

The player who rents it to you will receive 70% of the daily profit.

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