In addition to the $FAT token, there will be another token in the game - $SHAPE. To earn it, you will need to keep the $FAT token in your wallet.

The APY percentage at the start will be around 500%, and it will slightly decrease as the number of people grows.

How does it work?

The calculation works by taking your $FAT balance from the previous day, calculating a certain percentage, and then paying this percentage amount in $SHAPE every minute of the next day.

You will not receive $SHAPE right away on the first day of registration. You will receive $SHAPE on the second day based on the amount of $FAT tokens you had staked on the first day.

For example, if on the 10th day of your registration, you have 20,000 $FAT in your balance, the game will calculate a percentage from this and then pay you this percentage of 20,000 on the 11th day.

In conclusion, it is crucial to keep $FAT in your balance to receive $SHAPE tokens and buy as much fun equipment as possible.

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